Fortnite is prone to the most ridiculous crossovers. Marvel and DC characters are pretty typical for video game cameos at this point, sure, but it gets amazing when you start throwing in Street Fighter, Dragon Ball, Star Wars, and Naruto. It's brilliant. Watching Goku chase after Doctor Strange with a lightsaber never gets old.

With Halloween creeping up on us, it opens the door for some really fun crossovers, and this year sees Ash Williams from Sam Raimi's cult horror hit The Evil Dead make the cut. The character, played by Bruce Campbell in the films, gets his own skin. And @FireWalkWithJoe on Twitter has found that there's a really fun Easter egg if you come across either Spider-Gwen or Spider-Man in the game wearing Ash's skin. (Thanks, Comicbook!)

If you, wearing one of the spider suits, walk up to Ash, he'll say "You remind me of this wrestler I knew...", a nod to the origins of Spider-Man's namesake in Sam Raimi's 2002 Spider-Man film. In the movie, Bruce Campbell plays a wrestling announcer who gives Maguire the iconic name. This is a cheeky little wink at that, which we think is really fun.

It shows that Epic Games really pays attention to the details and embraces the fun that these crossover characters bring to the hugely popular battle royale. Evil Dead on its own is an amazing addition, but this little touch makes it all the more incredible.

This year's Halloween event in Fortnite allows you to transform into a werewolf, take part in a new limited-time mode called Zero Build Horde Rush, and brand new XP quests. The event is on until 1st November, so make sure you take to the battlefield under the full moon.

What do you think of this Evil Dead crossover? Have you found the Spider-Man reference yet? Let us know!

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