Pilotwings 64
Image: Nintendo

Update: Emulation expert and Nintendo Life user LuigiBlood has chimed in with some extra details:

"Just know that Nintendo doesn't willingly put a higher rate on purpose: The N64 emulator is so inaccurate and disregards pretty much all technical timings that the games just run at their max engine capped framerate."

"...Pilotwings 64 runs at 60 FPS because the game was programmed to run at 60 while taking into account lower framerates, in fact, on real hardware, if you fly towards the ocean horizon and just that, the game can run at 60 because there's basically nothing to render on screen."

Original: Nintendo announced the 1996/97 game Pilotwings 64 would be making its debut on the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service a few days ago, and it seems this will be the best version of the game yet.

GameXplain has taken a closer look at the footage shown in the trailers, and it appears the gameplay will be targeting 60fps. In the original version of the game, it's highlighted how it was only the menus that ran at 60fps while gameplay was around 30fps. This latest re-release will also feature a higher resolution.

Apart from GameXplain's footage, Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel also shared around 2 minutes and 30 seconds of direct gameplay footage of the NSO version of Pilotwings in action (without that smooth voice). Here it is in action:

The only notable "side effect" GameXplain spotted was the way the timer functions - it's always counted the milliseconds a bit odd, but it's now more noticeable with the game running at a higher frame rate. You can check out GE's latest graphics comparison video on its YouTube Channel.

Pilotwings will arrive on the Switch Online + Expansion Pack service next week on October 13th. Are you looking forward to playing this game? Tell us in the comments.

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