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After a year of waiting and months of delays, Bayonetta did get a physical release on Switch earlier this week. Not that many people will have been able to get their hands on a copy of course, as the out-of-the-blue drop sold out almost instantly.

Fortunately, Nintendo has confirmed that it plans to perform a physical restock of the game "later this year," with fans now able to register their interest in the title rather than the slap-dash approach that we saw on the company's first attempt.

In the above tweet (thanks, Eurogamer), @NintendoUK apologises for the lack of products the first time around - you can say that again! The first sale lasted for fewer than ten minutes before all of the copies had been sold and, with no pre-orders available, this meant that many who had been waiting all year to get their hands on the game were left disappointed.

Fortunately, this time round seems to be a little more planned. Nintendo has set up an interest form for customers in both the UK and Ireland which will send out an email when the product comes back in stock - let's not pretend that this is going to fix all of the problems of the last launch, but at least it's a start. It should also appear at the following link, should you stumble across this article at a later date:

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The physical release of Bayonetta on Switch comes just weeks after the My Nintendo Store crashed while taking orders for the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Collector's Edition - yet another launch which went up without warning.

We can only assume that the popularity of Bayonetta will increase in the coming weeks thanks to the release of Bayonetta 3 - a title which we described as "an action all-timer and one of the gaming highlights of 2022" in our glowing 10/10 review.

What the future holds for the next stab at releasing the first game remains to be seen. All that we can do, for now, is register and wait...

Have you signed up for Bayonetta updates? Let us know if you are after a physical copy in the comments below!

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