OlliOlli World Finding the Flowzone 1
Image: Private Division

It's fair to say that when OlliOlli World was released back in February of this year, we loved it (check out or 9/10 star review if you don't believe us)! After the sweet sci-fi expansion in May's 'Void Riders', we are pleased to hear that another expansion is on its way - if not a little upset to hear that it will be the game's last one.

Publisher Private Division released a tweet today detailing 'Finding the Flowzone', the next nautical-themed add-on to come to the game on November 2nd. Not to do things by halves, this announcement came in the form of the purest art - an original sea shanty.

Aside from this mega catchy tune, the expansion will bring with it a new story in which you take to the skies in an attempt to reach the famed skater acropolis, Radlantis - as fans of a good pun, we approve of this message. Finding the Flowzone looks to be all about performing arial tricks as you are borne skyward on gusts of wind along with a new cast of skater characters.

Check out the further details on the expansion's key features from Private Division below:

Journey to Radlantis: Grab your board and begin the epic expedition alongside the Radmospheric Three, dedicated to reaching Radlantis before their archnemesis, B.B. Hopper. Collect scattered map pieces within each of the five Flowzone layers to unlock the true location of the ancient city.

There She Blows!: Be prepared to face massive gusts of winds propelling you upwards or pushing you off your course in a multitude of directions throughout each level. Employ the winds to elevate you and perform sick aerial tricks as you sail through the skies.

Burly Routes: Think you know your way around the track? Think again. Rise to the challenge to rack up points on the insane Burly Routes! You can choose to skate along the safe regular routes, the adventurous Gnarly Routes, or try the Burly Routes for an extra layer of complexity.

Traveling Trendsetter: Hit the altitude with attitude! Gear up for the gnarliest exploration ever with a fresh range of customizations. But don’t forget to suit up…we hear it’s pretty windy up there.

The Finding the Flowzone expansion will release on November 2nd and will only be available to those with the OlliOlli World base game - which, in case you didn't catch on to already, we highly recommend!

What do you make of this upcoming expansion? Kickflip down into the comments to let us know!

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