Have you ever been bowling on Wii Sports and thought, 'I wish these lanes were kinda like a giant floating puzzle?' Well boy, oh boy, do we have the game for you.

Super Funky Bowling has released on the Switch eShop today, taking the principles of bowling and making it, well, funky. This is less a sports sim than it is an action-based puzzler, where you will have to navigate a series of winding lanes to knock down all of the pins.

The title has been developed using FUZE4 Nintendo Switch - an application to bring accessible coding and game design to the console - and was built by first-time developer Nathaniel Strub. For a brief rundown of what this little games involves, check out the following summary from the game's eShop page:

• SUPER FUN – Lose yourself in immediately accessible, intuitive gameplay!
• SUPER FUNKY – Awesome original music compositions and sound effects!
• SUPER CHALLENGING – Master advanced movement techniques in order to beat the clock!
• SUPER SECRETS – Unlock hidden levels, player features and secret times by completing more and more difficult challenges!

If this game looks a little more like a mobile app than you were expecting, then rest assured that it has the price to match. Super Funky Bowling is currently available to buy for £2.99 / 2.99€ / $2.99, which is a small price to pay to support a first time developer. While it might not have the most groundbreaking graphics or mechanics, it certainly looks fun enough to pull-off a pick up and play style of gaming which is usually cornered by mobile.

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