Skyrim Anniversary Edition
Image: Bethesda

Would it really be another year of gaming without a new edition of Skyrim coming out? For those who missed it, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Anniversary Edition flew over to Switch last month as either a bundle in and of itself or as an add-on purchase for those who already owned the game, and some players were disappointed to experience the title occasionally drop to 15-20fps in certain areas.

We didn't run into any performance issues in our review of the Anniversary Edition, but others were not so lucky. Fortunately, it looks like a new patch dropped for the game last week and the frame rate seems to have improved because of it.

This latest patch brings the base game up to date with the following catchy version number: Quite a mouthful, but surely an improvement from the notoriously dark times of version!

Xiphos Gaming posted a side-by-side comparison of the game running pre- and post-patch on YouTube (found below), demonstrating that the Anniversary Edition now runs at a smooth 30fps. This seems to even apply in areas like Falkreath, Morthol, and Solitude.

We have no official patch notes from the update, but it looks like many players are seeing the benefits. Both u/Havinacow and u/brainensmoothed took to the Nintendo Switch Reddit forum to note the performance changes, with many others agreeing.

There has been a certain level of confusion surrounding the cause of the Anniversary Edition's frame rate issues, with some citing the game's texture formats not being correctly translated to Switch and others pointing to the problems only arising with the installation of too many mods. Either way, it certainly looks as if the game is now on the mend for those who previously saw problems.

Thanks for the tip, Arkay! Have you noticed any changes in the game? Fast Travel down to the comments and let us know!