As far as projects in the Jurassic Park Universe (JPU? Does anyone say that?) goes, the four month period between the latest film and the announcement of what's to come next is a pretty long time. Fortunately, Coatsink is here to put our minds at ease, as it has today announced that its upcoming dino title, Jurassic World Aftermath Collection, will be roaring onto Switch on November 10th.

Fans of the JPU (yes, we're pushing this one) might recognise the Aftermath name as the series of two VR survival games from the prehistoric year of 2020. Well, as the game's title suggests, Aftermath Collection will see these two games brought together and reworked specifically for the Nintendo Switch.

The game has all the hallmarks of the survival genre - first-person perspective, close encounters, hallway sprints, you know the drill - and throws a bunch of dinosaurs into the mix for good measure. After crash-landing on Isla Nublar following the fall of the Jurassic World attraction, you will have to navigate a (semi-)abandoned research facility, solving puzzles and finding clues in an attempt to escape. Oh, and the facility is chock-a-block with hungry dinosaurs.

Here's some of the official blurb and some screens showing the game's distinctive art style:

Players will feel the thrill of being hunted by ferocious prehistoric predators that dominate and roam the island. They’ll need to be wary of noise as they use a combination of stealth and distraction to evade jaws all too eager to make humans their next meal. As players carefully explore this atmospheric world rendered in a distinctive art style, they must solve challenging puzzles and find a way to survive.

The Aftermath Collection will cost £24.99 / $29.99 and will be available on the Switch eShop from November 10th.

Are you excited to venture into Jurassic World Aftermath Collection? Roar your thoughts in the comments below!