Image: Jakks Pacific, Sega

We've seen Jakks Pacific team up with Mario earlier this year, and now it's Sonic's turn once again - with the American toy company last week revealing the new 'Egg Mobile Battle Set'. It allows Sonic fans of the blue blur (young and old) to relive iconic boss battles from Sonic the Hedgehog. It's also a great set for collectors to display.

This particular set retails for $39.99 USD and comes with an Egg Mobile over 8" high, a 2.5" Sonic figure and an exclusive 2.5" Dr. Eggman figure. Here's a full description and some photos from the Jakks Pacific website:

"The Egg Mobile Battle Set is sure to be a hit with kids and Sonic fans! You can recreate the action from the games with this customizable battle set and its playable features. Sonic faces Dr. Eggman in the Egg Mobile for an epic final battle scene. The Egg Mobile has attachments for the Egg Helicopter, Egg Digger, Egg Wrecker, and Egg Hammer. Battle Dr. Eggman your way as the Egg Mobile flies around the room in an effort to finally defeat Sonic. Explode the Egg Mobile as Sonic jumps onto the windshield. Playset comes with 14-unique pieces and can be customized into over 25 configurations. Reassemble to transform the Egg Mobile for continued play or display proudly. The Egg Mobile is kid-powered and stands at over 8-inches high. Includes a 2.5" Sonic figure and an exclusive 2.5" Dr. Eggman figure. Build your Egg Mobile Battle Set into a Sonic world by adding more Sonic friends, playsets and accessories, (each sold separately)."

You can purchase this set online from Walmart or, and see the full range of Jakks Pacific Sonic the Hedgehog toys on the company's official website. Would you be interested in something like this? Leave a comment below.

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