Mob Vote for Minecraft

Minecraft Live is this weekend, and that means it's time for a new mob vote!

Okay, here's a translation for those of you who aren't well-versed in Minecraft: This weekend, Mojang are hosting another one of their livestreams, called "Minecraft Live", in which they reveal new features, updates, and mobs — the in-game word for monsters and/or animals. As has become traditional, they're asking players to vote on their choice of three options: The Rascal, the Sniffer, and the Tuff Golem.

Last year's Minecraft Live mob vote resulted in the helpful Allay being added to the game — a small sprite that can find specific blocks for you — instead of the Copper Golem and the Glare.

The vote takes place today, so let's take a look at the three options to help you decide who to vote for:


The Rascal is a cute little mine-dwelling mob that engages you in a game of hide-and-seek — as if the mines weren't creepy enough! If you manage to find it three times in a row (and don't worry, it'll give you hints), then you'll receive a special prize: An Enchanted Pickaxe! Extremely helpful for people who are mining down for the first time!


The Sniffer, much like the Allay, is all about helping you find things. He's an ancient mob that looks like a lovely little turtle, and you can find him in the game by discovering sniffer eggs in underwater ruins. Their special ability is being able to "sniff out" long-lost plant types, discovering new seeds that you can then plant and grow to restore them to life.

Tuff Golem

Last year's mob vote included a twist on the Golem, and this year's vote does as well. The Tuff Golem is very cute and very small, and they can hold items for you. That doesn't sound like that big of a deal, but they can move around your base, find an item, pick it up, and then return to their original spot. The implications for this feature in redstone builds is quite exciting! But even better... if you make a Tuff Golem using a wool block, he wears a little cape. Awww!

The mob vote will look a little different this year. You'll be able to cast your vote on the Minecraft website, the Minecraft launcher, and within a special Bedrock server, as long as you have a Microsoft account. The vote is live right now (from noon ET), and will be open for 24 hours — and you can change your mind as many times as you want before the deadline!

Which mob will you be voting for? Let us know your reasoning in the comments!