Dragon Quest X Offline
Image: Square Enix

Last month, Square Enix rolled out Dragon Quest X: Rise of the Five Tribes Offline for the Nintendo Switch. The downside for fans of this epic role-playing series is that there's been no mention of the game being localised.

If you are still eager to see what this offline version of the MMO Dragon Quest X is like on Switch and happen to have access to a Japanese Nintendo account, you're in luck. As spotted by Gematsu, Square Enix has now made a playable demo available via the eShop.

This demo apparently has an estimated playtime of three to five hours and allows save data to be carried over to the full game. Just keep in mind it's all in Japanese.

Will you be checking out the Japanese demo? Would you like to see this game and even the online version one day localised? Leave a comment below.

[source gematsu.com]