Rain Code
Image: Spike Chunsoft

Publisher Spike Chunsoft has shared some new details for its upcoming 'Lucid-Noir' adventure title Master Detective Archives: Rain Code, shedding some light on the characters you'll be meeting in the game along with some key gameplay mechanics.

One interesting point to note is that a key western voice actor from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc will be collaborating with Spike Chunsoft on Rain Code to portray the main protagonist Yuma Kokohead. Lucien Dodge played the 'Ultimate Fanfic Creator' Hifumi Yamada in 2010's Danganronpa, one of a handful of students locked in Hope's Peak Academy alongside protagonist Makoto Naegi. Dodge returned again in 2017 for Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony to play 'The Ultimate Robot' K1-B0.

Joining Dodge in Rain Code will be Anjali Kunapaneni, who will be voicing Shinigami, a "Death God contracted to haunt Yuma". She is said to be cheerful and chatty, but has a sense of morality that is far removed from that of humans. Hmm... Sounds suspiciously similar to a certain robotic bear called Monokuma to us!

Hifumi Yamada
Hifumi Yamada from Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc — Image: Spike Chunsoft

In addition to the voice cast announcement, Spike Chunsoft shared a bit more information on what you'll actually be doing in Rain Code. Primarily, you'll be able to explore the city of Kanai Ward to your heart's content, conducting investigations into various crime scenes and conducting interviews with the local residents. The city itself will be split into several areas, each with its own unique ambiance.

In addition to exploring Kanai Ward, you'll need to progress through the 'Mystery Labyrinth', a realm that embodies the mysteries of the real world. You'll need to solve puzzles and confront Mystery Phantoms in order to come to the truth.

Phantoms can be contronted in something called 'Reasoning Death Matches'. The Phantoms themselves are the embodiments of the person trying to actively cover up the case. Your job will be to argue against them, knock back any contradictions with evidence, and ultimately slay the phantom with the Solution Blade. Certainly sounds like Spike Chunsoft took Danganronpa and Persona and put the two franchises in a blender for this one; we're here for it!

Master Detective Archives: Rain Code will launch on Nintendo Switch in Spring 2023.

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