Square Enix's 2022 release slate has been manic, and Dragon Quest Treasures is one of the company's last games to hit the shelves this year. We're fast approaching the game's release, and V-Jump has posted 30 minutes of footage from the upcoming spin-off (thanks Gematsu!).

The gameplay and commentary (above) is all in Japanese, but we can get a good sense of what to expect with Erik and Mia's (from Dragon Quest XI) return. Following a brief bit of story, we can see various clips of Mia exploring this brand-new world and interacting with the game's many recruitable monsters and practising her own combat skills in what looks to be an abandoned castle or dungeon.

Erik, on the other hand, gets to roam about the open fields a bit more, and we can see him getting around a few larger gaps by hanging onto a Dracky's legs. You'll need to use your monster's abilities to get around and hunt down the loot.

There are also a bunch of new screenshots for the game, as Japanese media previews have been going out from the likes of 4gamer.net and GAME Watch, featuring a group of pirates known as The Thunderous Plunderers alongside other rival treasure hunters. Here are a select few from the previews:

You'll be able to explore Draconia with Erik and Mia when Dragon Quest Treasures unlocks on 8th December, and it looks to be stuffed full of that Dragon Quest charm and wholesomeness we've come to expect.

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What do you think of Dragon Quest Treasures so far? Will you be picking the game up in December? Flip a coin and tell us down below.

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