Image: via YouTube ( SuperMetalDave64) / Bandai Namco

Every now and then you'll hear about companies renewing trademarks and today is one of those days. As spotted by Gematsu, Bandai Namco has filed renewals for the classic and long-running series Ace Combat, Pac-Man, SoulCalibur, and Tekken. Tekken 8 was officially revealed last month.

It's also mentioned how Konami has filed a trademark for "Creative Front":

While we've seen a lot of Pac-Man, Ace Combat and Tekken recently, one series that many have been waiting to see return is SoulCalibur. The last title was previously released in 2018. On the Nintendo front the last game was SoulCalibur Legends during the Wii generation.

Of course, trademark renewals are just a regular thing in the video game industry in order for companies to retain rights, but it's always interesting when a classic IP is mentioned.

Would you like to see any of these Bandai Namco classics return? What do you think the Konami one might be for? Leave your thoughts in the comments.