Publisher and developer Atooi is doing something pretty interesting with its upcoming party title, Run Box Run.

Launching on the Switch on 3rd November, the online multiplayer game is a cute escape room title with trivia intermissions for up to 13 players. In a bold move to get that multiplayer base up and running rapidly, the makers have decided to offer a 100% "owner's discount" for players who already own an Atooi-published game on Nintendo Switch.

According to Atooi, that's over 250,000 people who will be able to bag Run Box Run for free. Not too shabby! Here are the Atooi-published games that should bag you the discount:

Here's a reminder of what to expect from the game:

- Global online matches with players
- Fast menu access to the lobby
- Race to the end of level
- Last place eliminated
- Trivia intermission
- Up to 13 players
- Survive to win
- Stream-friendly: show/hide code
- Share unique room code w/friends
- Host your own private party matches

Are you one of the ones that will be able to download Run Box Run for free? Let us know with a comment!