Persona 5 Royal
Image: Atlus

We are but a few short days away from the Switch release of Persona 5 Royal on October 21st. Just like clockwork, the game's publisher, Atlus, has released a note on the guidelines for anyone wanting to livestream the game or otherwise make playthrough videos (thanks, Persona Central).

As we have come to expect, these guidelines are pretty specific (it was similarly strict on 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim earlier this year). Much like these former rules, the Persona 5 guidelines are mainly based around keeping spoilers tightly under wraps, though there is also some concern regarding streaming the game's music. Here's a breakdown:

Atlus asks that all streamers include a spoiler warning on any videos concerning the game so that everyone is aware of the stream's content. Seems fair enough.

But wait, it gets more specific. Atlus asks that players do not stream the final section of the game, meaning no videos are allowed of the ending.

to allow as many users as possible to enjoy Persona 5 Royal, we ask that you refrain from posting the following segment of the game: From December 12th to the ending.

On top of this cutoff point, Atlus is also asking streamers not to use the game's background music in their videos and all uploads should contain the following copyright stamp: ©ATLUS ©SEGA.

If this all seems a bit like overkill, it's because it probably is. With the game originally releasing on the PS4 back in 2019/20, there are definitely spoilers out there already. That being said, anything that can be done to prevent unwarranted spoilers getting to people who don't want to see them is always a plus.

For the full guidelines, check out the official statement on Atlus' site.

What do you make of these guidelines? Are you still excited for Persona 5 Royal? Let us know in the comments below!

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