Splatoon 3 - SplatNet 3
Image: Nintendo Life

Nintendo has added a cool new feature to the Switch Online mobile application - allowing users to add Splatoon 3 widgets to their phone's main menus.

To access these new features, you'll need to have the app downloaded on your device of choice and be logged in with your Nintendo Network ID. Be sure to also update the app to Version 2.3.0, if you haven't used it in a while.

We tested it out on Android and were able to add in the widgets from the phone's home screen. Players will be able to pin battle logs, the current stage schedule (includes options for Anarchy and Salmon Run), equipped gear, and also a photo album.

This is definitely a neat little feature that will help Splatoon 3 players stay in the loop with the rotation and allows them to also keep tabs on their in-game stats. The full Splatoon 3 hub 'SplatNet 3' also allows you to make store purchases and then redeem them in-game.

Will you be adding any of these widgets to your phone's home menu screen? Tell us down below.