Developers Repixel8 and CGA Studio Games have announced that the next entry to the Formula Retro Racing series — Formula Retro Racing World Tour — will launch on Switch on December 14th, 2022.

The new entry boasts the same crisp low-polygonal graphics, rapid 60fps racing, and split-screen multiplayer that fans of the series will know and love. However, players will be able to enjoy racing across eight new landmark-filled cities, including Tokyo, Paris, and London.

Here's some more official info from Repixel8 and CGA Studio Games:

"Inspired by the likes of Virtua Racing, Ridge Racer and Sega Rally, this retro-inspired racer mixes the thrill of arcade racing with modern game design elements. Racing purists, and new fans alike, can pick up and play Formula Retro Racing: World Tour due to its focus on simplicity. However, deeper mechanics like slipstreams and varied handling across different car types provide endless hours of replayability in the chase for the very best lap times."

We reviewed the original Formula Retro Racing on Switch earlier this year, awarding it a score of 6/10 and stating that "Formula Retro Racing is far from a bad racing game" but also highlighted "performance issues on Switch" and "frustrating AI behaviour". With any luck these issues will be addressed in this follow-up.

How does this one look? Ready for some more arcade racing action? Strap yourselves in and let us know!