Nintendo Switch is home to all sorts of brawlers and if the existing lineup of offerings wasn't already enough, Ludosity (the same team behind Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl) has today released Slap City.

Slap City is an indie-themed platform fighter featuring characters like Ittle Dew and Ultra Fishbunjin 3000. It can be played locally and online with up to four players, and there is even crossplay with the Steam version.

Players can select from 11 characters, 34 versus stages, 6 Slap Ball stages, and over 100 "original and remixed" songs. Modes included are versus, teams, slap ball, ranked, story, arcade, smack the crystals, replay and there's a training option, too.

Ludosity has also mentioned how all future characters, stages, and game modes will be made available for free. This title is available now for $19.99 USD (or your regional equivalent) from the Switch eShop.

Slap City
Image: Ludosity

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