Nintendo Power
Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life

We all know what it's like to search through boxes of old junk only to discover an absolute gem hidden amongst the rubble. It might be an old magazine you cherished as a child, or a boxed NES game that you thought had been lost to the ages.

It's an invigorating feeling, to be sure, but we reckon you'd be hard-pressed to match a recent discovery made by Nintendo Life reader Jason Woods. After gathering up his old possessions from his parents' house, he came across a sealed copy of what seems to be a sample copy of the very first issue of Nintendo Power magazine, still in its original envelope.

The obvious question here is whether Jason should actually open it and verify the condition of its contents. He could well be sitting on a near-mint copy of Nintendo Power #1 (though the dents on the envelope itself suggest that at least some scuffs will have impacted the magazine), but it's also possible that the contents could have fallen victim to the relentless passage of time, fading in colour and vigour.

So, we'd like to hear your opinion, dear readers. Should Jason open the envelope and see what's inside? Or should he take his chances and seek a valuation on the item as it is? Let us know by voting in the below poll!

Note: We should stress that this poll is just for fun and the decision is entirely up to Jason himself, regardless of the outcome!

Should the sealed copy of Nintendo Power be opened?

Have you found any potentially valuable items in your old possessions? Share your discoveries in the comments section below, and let us know exactly what you would do with a find like this.