Super Mario World Hidden Creature
Image: Nintendo Life / Nintendo

There are a multitude of things that get left out of video games during development and are either hidden away in the finished code or wiped off the face of the earth before we can get our eager Nintendo-obsessed eyes on them. One extremely small detail removed from Super Mario World has recently been brought to our attention by @MarioBrothBlog, and, we don't want to appear over-dramatic here, but we are heartbroken.

Deep within the game's development files, a tiny green creature can be found, going by the name of either "One-Character-kun" or "Mr. One Character" in reference to his diminutive size being the equivalent of a single character of text.

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His name is no lie, this little fella is indeed small. But perhaps what makes this petit pea all the more adorable is the fact that we have no idea what his intended purpose was. He's an international man of mystery, if you will.

Asked if there was any purpose prescribed to the creature in the development files, @MarioBrothBlog responded that there is only a short animation of Mr. One Character approaching a block and climbing it -though the climbing sprites are all missing. The animation can be found in the tweet below, but the little fella's motives remain a mystery - please come down from there One-Character-kun, you'll hurt yourself!

As if to make us feel even more like we have just discovered our spirit animal, it appears that the creature has a rogue white pixel just above his head - possibly to make him stand out better on a dark background, yes - but we are happier believing that this is a little bead of sweat. The little guy is exhausted, okay?

While it's unlikely that Mr. One Character is going to be the next character added to Smash Bros. - the thought of seeing him step up against Charizard makes the sweat run cold - we would love to see some more of this adorable pea-looking fella in the future.

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