Castlemania - Hand-Drawn
Image: Phil Summers / Hand-Drawn Gaming

Phil Summers, the artist behind 'Hand-Drawn Game Guides', is venturing into the world of print game magazines. Dubbed 'Hand-Drawn Gaming', the magazine will be a bi-monthly release consisting of 8 pages; not a huge amount, you might think, but the great thing about this, of course, is that the entire thing will be crafted by hand, much like the aforementioned game guides Summers has created in previous years.

You can support Hand-Drawn Gaming by visiting the official Patreon page. The standard tier costs £2.50 per issue and grants you access to a digital PDF; for those in the US, the £5 tier will allow for print issues to be delivered right to your door; finally, those outside the US will need to pay a bit extra for the same perk at £6.50.

Between issues, Patreon supports will also get exclusive insight from Summers into the making of each issue, along with one week exclusive access to the 'Game Reflections' feature, a short retrospective on classic titles accompanied by a hand-drawn illustration.

Finally, supporters of Hand-Drawn Gaming will gain immediate access to a hand-drawn guide for Cathedral by Decemberborn Interactive; this was initially only available with the physical launch of the game on Swich, with the new Patreon page marking the first instance of its availability as a separate piece.

Are you interested in checking out Hand-Drawing Gaming? Sharpen your pencils and let us know in the comments below!