Pokemon - Ditto
Image: Nintendo Life

Ever wondered how a Pokémon game might turn out if it were created using a neural network? No, we can't say we have, either. But, we kind of have answer thanks to Ollin Boer Bohan, a Deep Learning Scientist at NVIDIA, who has created a playable Pokémon overworld using a neural network. Spoilers: it's wild; like jumping into a Pokémon-themed fever dream with no escape. Give it a go!

As reported by Automaton, Bohan utilised a computing system that is modeled on the human brain and nervous system, training it to effectively mimick what a true Pokémon game would look like (hello, Ditto!). As you'd probably expect, there are no actual gameplay elements at work here; you can use your computer keyboard to move the character around, but what you're seeing on screen is purely a visual representation of a Pokémon game.

You can read more on how Bohan accomplished the feat through his blog post; it appears he used Pokémon Diamond and Pearl as visual references for the project, and this is plainly obvious when you try out the demo for yourself. Fair warning, though: it's weird, like really weird. Even when stood in one place, you can see the environment around you pulsing and shifting, like a real living entity.

Regardless, it's an impressive accomplishment, and we're looking forward to seeing what other marvels can be created using neural networks!

What do you think of Bohan's neural network created Pokémon overworld? Saunter on down to the comments and let us know!

[source madebyoll.in, via automaton-media.com]