In celebration of GoldenEye 007's 25th anniversary last month, a diehard Mario fan, known on YouTube as StupidMarioBros1Fan, sought to remake the game with Super Mario 64 characters at the helm. The result was fantastic — in a kind of deeply horrifying way — and the team has now dropped an update to the PC fan game which includes two new custom levels, an updated Peach's Castle design, and dialogue changes.

Shared on Twitter by GoldenEye world champion, @Graslu00, the playthrough video shows how the developers have transferred the title's signature gameplay into the Mario 64 level format. This time, instead of jumping on your enemies, you will have to contend with grenade-throwing Bob-ombs (presumably the equivalent to a human throwing a baby) and Koopas with machine guns. When we heard that the Mario movie would start shooting soon, this isn't what we expected.

Check out the above video demonstrating the new Bob-omb Battlefield level to get an idea of what the game has in store. We can't say that we have often wondered how the first level of Mario 64 would play out if each character was packing some serious heat, but the image of Mario wielding a KF7 Soviet is certainly going to be one to stay with us for a long time.

The original version of the fan-made game was more heavily inspired by GoldenEye's original layout, with the focus being on putting characters from Super Mario 64 into the FPS' levels and missions. You can find the original trailer below, showcasing that it's not all green fields and rolling boulders for Agent Mario — oh no, he also has to contend with the threat of unscheduled missile launches.

The update is live now. Just go easy on those mushrooms, Mario, you're handling live ammunition now.

What other classic games would you like to see thrown together? Do we expect you to talk? Yes, Mr. Bond, we do, actually — leave a comment below!