Persona5 Royal Joker
Image: Atlus

After lots and lots of begging, Persona 5 Royal will, at last, be coming out on the Switch next month. And for those who are looking to download the game on the eShop, we've got a rough idea of just how much space it'll take up.

Spotted on the Japanese eShop, Twitter user @ScrambledFaz has shared screens of the game's listing, with a 12.5GB file size listed on the page. For comparison, on PS4, Persona 5 Royal's download size is 37.76GB.

Given that the anime cutscenes take up a large amount of space in the PS4, and they've been scaled down for the Switch version, this has likely cut down a bulk of the game's size.

Remember, this isn't necessarily the final file size for the game, and these can change in the run-up to release. So things might change. But still, this is a mighty impressive squeeze, and we're intrigued to see what the Switch version runs like.

Will Persona 5 Royal steal our hearts? We'll find out on 21st October. In the meantime, let us know what you think of the file size in the comments!