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Image: Zion Grassl / Nintendo Life

We know that the Nintendo Switch pretty much dominates game and hardware sales most of the time — but what about when we compare it to other physical media?

Well, it turns out — in the UK, at least — that not only is the Switch the most profitable gaming 'format' in the country, but it's also even more popular than other media and entertainment. GamesIndustry.biz's Chris Dring has shared sales figures (from ERA and GfK) on Twitter that shed light on just how well the Switch has sold, in terms of revenue, compared to vinyl, CDs, DVDs, and Blu-ray.

Despite a drop of 12.5% compared to last year, for the first 35 weeks of 2022, the Switch has made a staggering £88,650,439. That's a pretty big figure, even with vinyl's pretty-substantial jump compared to last year. Making just under £81 million, the record business is booming and knocking on the Switch's door.

Of course, this isn't based on units sold, and given that video games and Switch hardware cost more than vinyl, CDs, DVDs, etc., this perhaps isn't too surprising, but it's still a fun little fact! We wonder if first-party titles often being full-priced also helps give Nintendo the edge, here... And what if Nintendo started selling vinyl records?

CDs and DVDs both selling over £65 million worth is also pretty interesting, but like the Switch, both have seen a drop in profits over the past year. And Sony's PlayStation (both 4 and 5) is very close behind vinyl profits, so perhaps things will flip next year if console shortages begin to improve.

What do you think of this little fact? When was the last time you bought a vinyl or CD? Let us know!

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