Onimusha Anime
Image: Netflix

As part of its TUDUM showcase, Netflix has announced that an Onimusha anime series is in the works and has revealed a number of first-look images via a tweet from their Anime account.

According to Eurogamer, the show will utilise a '3DCG' character art style with hand-drawn backgrounds. Such an approach has allowed the studio to build its protagonist, Miyamoto Musashi, in the image of frequent Akira Kurosawa collaborator Toshihiro Mifune.

Based on the popular Capcom samurai franchise, the show is being produced by the studio behind the Dragon's Dogma series, Sublimation Inc. As poor as that show was, not all hope is lost. Helming the show will be director Takashi Miike — the one-man filmmaking machine with over 100 directorial credits to his name including 13 Assassins, Audition and 2019's punchy rom-com, First Love.

Check out the first-look images below to get an idea of what the show will have in store — visually, at least:

This Capcom franchise has been dormant since the release of the Onimusha: Warlords remaster back in 2019. While it's no dead certainty, we would guess that audience responses to the upcoming show could be a deciding factor in the time it takes for us to receive another game in the series.

Apart from the above shots, we have very little to go off in regard to what the show will be about or the character arcs it will follow. The still images all look pleasant enough in their current state, though the success of the anime will surely come down to how the team choose to tackle the samurai combat sequences. Only time will tell.

What do you make of the Onimusha anime announcement? Draw your sword in the comments below and let us know!

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