Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak
Image: Capcom / Nintendo

As of tomorrow, Monster Hunter Rise fans located in the US will be able to get hold of the Sunbreak amiibo line at GameStop.

GameStop put out the announcement via social media, mentioning how these exclusive amiibo would be available online and in-store on 7th September. Customers will be able to select from Canyne Malzeno - Palamute, Malzeno and Felyne Malzeno - Palico.

You can learn more about the availability of these amiibo in other regions, in our extensive guide. The same lot of amiibo got an earlier than expected release in Australia and New Zealand.

In terms of the game, there's a second free title update coming to Sunbreak later this month (including some quality of life updates), and a patch was rolled out at the end of August for the game.

Will you be adding any of the above amiibo to your collection? Tell us down below.