Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection 1
Image: Capcom

The 2022 Tokyo Game Show has kicked off, and earlier today, Capcom took to the stage to run through its slate of upcoming releases and updates. And one of the company's big featured titles was the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection, and this won't just be a simple collection of ten games, oh no. Director Masakazu Eguchi took to the stage to announce that Capcom will be implementing online battles for every single game in the collection.

This is no doubt fantastic news for fans of the original games, which included the ability to link up with a Game Link Cable and battle and trade chips. Now you'll be able to do it online with all ten games. We really will be part of the Battle Network! Chip Trading is also returning, which will also be supported online.

Here's what the game's director, also known as Mr. Famous, had to say during the presentation — as transcripted by Capcom:

“Battle routine, set! Execute! Long time no see, everyone! It’s Mr. Famous!

Mega Man Battle Network has returned to the TGS stage in the form of the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection! I’m so happy to be able to give you more news on Battle Network, almost 17 years since Mega Man Battle Network 6!

It’s been a while since the announcement of the Legacy Collection, but our team has been very motivated seeing all the excitement on social media! Now, I’m sure there’s something you’re all wondering about… right? That’s right, the online functions!

Don’t worry. No matter what, we’re always connected! We’re currently working on online functions such as online battles and chip trading for each game! We’ll all still be connected in this game!

I’d love to tell you about this beautifully remade lab coat, but that’s all I can say for now! We’ll share more details in a future presentation. That’s all from Mr. Famous!”

While this is no doubt exciting, we'll also be getting our own personal PET on the game select menu. MegaMan.EXE, in 3D, will be there to react and guide you through the menu. So you can be even more immersed in the Mega Man Battle Network universe — especially if you're playing with your Switch undocked.

We also got a few more screenshots from the upcoming collection, including a little look at the Mega Man Battle Network's hero in glorious 3D:

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection 5
Image: Capcom

This nifty collection of RPGs is due out in 2023, so we've got time to prepare before we sink our hours (and all of our Battle Chips) into these games.

Are you excited about the addition of online play? Plug yourselves in and let us know in the comments!

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