Update: We've now got some new details on the Toxic Monkey Pokémon from the official Scarlet & Violet website, which seems to suggest that Grafaiai is indeed based on the aye-aye primate.

Grafaiai, like its inspiration, is a nocturnal creature and is a Poison/Normal-type Pokémon. And that saliva it spits out? It's poisonous. Lovely... At least it can come with either the Unburden or Poison Touch ability!

This one looks to be a cheeky little guy, and we're loving how strongly it wears its influences on its sleeve. You can see what the 'mon looks like roaming the lands of Paldea, as well as what it's like in battle, from Nintendo's tweet below:

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Original article: Tuesday, we found out the name of a brand new Pokémon coming to Generation IX, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet — Grafaiai. And now we get to meet the little fella! And he's a bit creepier than we imagined.

Grafaiai looks to use paint to lure other Pokémon into traps — as seen in the video — and the colour of the paint depends on what berries it's eaten. And how does it paint? With one of its long, spindly fingers. It can also spray "paint" out of its mouth, as it does at the end of the video when it spots the camera. Sneaky!

It's got big eyes, big ears, and has very nimble movements. But this is just our first look — we don't know much else about the Pokémon yet. We'll update you as soon as we know more, but for now, why not admire this strange little fellow below?

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