The box art for the newly-named Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has been revealed along with several versions of the key art that will be used for the upcoming game — and we have to say it's a real looker!

Apparently, a picture paints a thousand words, so we'll pipe down and just get to it, shall we? Behold the box art for BOTW2 TOTK:

Switch TLOZ TOTK Boxart 011
Image: Nintendo

Not bad, huh? Here's the version currently showing on the Nintendo UK game page, potentially hinting at the icon art that will be sitting on most of our Switch home menus come next May:

Switch TLOZ TOTK Artwork 01
LarvelyImage: Nintendo

Suitably epic, exceptionally painterly, and just very pretty. You can't beat a bit of teal-y aquamarine in our books.

If you want a reminder of what the box art for Breath of the Wild looked like, check out our Box Art Brawl which pitted the two global variants against each other in a battle for supremacy:

Are you a fan of the box art for this most anticipated of sequels? Drop down into the comments to let us know.

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