We could fill a starting grid with all of the Mario Kart-esque racers which have sought to ride in the plumber's slipstream over the past few years, and Gigantosaurus: Dino Kart looks to be the latest to join the fleet.

Published by Outright Games in collaboration with Cyber Group Studios, the team has today announced that the Disney Junior show will be taking to the virtual tracks soon, with a new trailer (above) showing the game in all of its familiar action.

The studio has somehow managed to pull itself back from the car-crash (no pun intended) release of 2020's Gigantosaurus: The Game (which we generously provided a 3/10 review). Although we praised the release's driving sequences as 'a decent way to break up the repetitive nature of the main game', we can't say that this was really enough to get the engines running on a kart racing sequel - but here we are!

Let's come clean, we have never had the privilege of watching the TV series. Apparently it follows four dinosaurs who explore their world in an attempt to find out more about the titular big boi. Importantly, it is aimed at children of pre-school age.

Quite why this age group has been the latest audience targeted for a racing game is somewhat beyond us, though it looks like this has been of little concern to the developers, who have taken the format made popular by Mario Kart, thrown in their bankable IP, and ensured that the quality is decreased substantially enough that the game can be unequivocally deemed child friendly.

For the official rundown, check out the following summary from Outright Games:

Be your favourite dino and speed around Cretacia in a kart championship for up to 4 players. Race on 15 tracks full of thrilling obstacles – including the great Gigantosaurus himself! Pick up awesome power-ups that give you a shortcut, or a jetpack-powered boost… or a way to knock out your rivals. There’s a play style for all ages, including steering help for younger players. So, get the whole family together for a fast and fun party that’s almost as big as Gigantosaurus’s appetite!

Multiple tracks, championship races, 'awesome power-ups' including a 'jet-powered boost', ring any bells? Of course, Gigantosaurus isn't going to reinvent the wheel, but it looks like it is going to throw it back onto a kart and force it round a well-frequented track.

We have no news of a release date for Gigantosaurus: Dino Kart just yet, though looking at the trailer we would imagine that we will get word in 2023.

What do you make of this kart racer? Start your engines in the comments and let us know!

[source youtube.com, via outrightgames.com]