Image: Rogue Games

Publisher Rogue Games, which has launched Switch games such as Fisti-Fluffs and Super Mega Zero, has announced that it will be moving to a four-day work week, with employees set to have every Friday off with no additional hours added to prior work days.

The news comes via Game Developer, who interviewed Rogue Games' CEO Matt Casamassina (previously co-founder of IGN) on the huge change which comes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Casamassina states that in the years following his time at IGN, he has tried to work "smarter, not necessarily harder", and this mentality is part of what drove the decision to change the work week at Rogue Games.

Casamassina also goes on to state that employees at the company are not necessarily looking to climb the ladder or become "the next millionaire". Rather, he says that workers are much more interested in seeking "balance", whereby they can enjoy the work that they do, but their lives are not completely dominated by it. In turn, he believes that Rogue Games' employees will come back into work every Monday feeling more refreshed, and that if his plans work out, productivity at the company will increase.

The move is a far cry from the crunch culture that has dominated the industry for decades, with Casamassina professing that a lot of veterans have the mentality of "I worked like hell when I was getting started and so should you". However, he states that just because he worked long hours in his earlier years, that doesn't necessarily mean that others should be expected to do that same.

Time will tell whether the move proves to be a smart one for Rogue Games, but we certainly wish them the best of luck in the months and years ahead!

What do you make Rogue Games' new four-day work week? Do you think it will work out for the team? Let us know!