Beast Breaker
Image: Vodeo Games

Vodeo Games, the developer behind the turn-based RPG Beast Breaker, has announced that it will be shutting down after failing to secure the necessary funds to keep its team together.

The announcement was made via a Twitter post yesterday evening at 7:30pm BST, with Vodeo Games stating that "despite a year of avid efforts, we've been unable to secure funding for our next project from publishers and investors" and that "there is simply no Vodeo without our incredible team". It goes on to state that the studio's final efforts will go into securing a Steam release for Beast Breaker in the hope that this will continue to support the team members as they go their separate ways.

Vodeo Games is noted for previously becoming the first certified game studio union in North America back in December 2021, dubbed as Vodeo Workers United. The union's own Twitter page acknowledged the studio's closure, stating that it was in the process of bargaining, but had decided to halt this after recognising that the studio was no longer financially viable.

It's a sad conclusion and certainly demonstrates just how fickle the games industry can be, particularly for smaller developers. As for Beast Breaker itself, we reviewed the game back in October 2021 and awarded it a stellar 9/10, stating that while the game "may be small, it proves to be exceedingly effective at what it sets out to do".

Here at Nintendo Life, we wish each and every team member at Vodeo Games the very best of luck in the days ahead.

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