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2K has taken to Twitter via its @2KSupport account to warn players of a phishing scam. The scam comes as a result of a security breach from an "unauthorised third party" that accessed customer information through one of its help desk platform vendors.

According to the statement, illegal access was gained to certain customers' email and a "malicious link" was sent to certain players.

In its statement, 2K warns that players should not click on any such link that they may receive from the support email, and offers advice on what to do if you have already done so. These precautionary measures range from password resets to running anti-virus software, more details of which can be found in the full statement below.

As detailed in the tweet above, 2K recommends the following measures if you have received an email and already clicked the link:

- Reset any user account passwords stored in your web browser (e.g., Chrome AutoFill)
- Enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) whenever available, especially on personal email, banking, and phone or internet provider accounts. If possible, avoid using MFA that relies on text message verification - using an authenticator app would be the most secure method
- Install and run a reputable anti-virus program
- Check your account settings to see if any forwarding rules have been added or changed on your personal email accounts.

The breach comes following the recent release of NBA 2K23, which continues to sell well in the UK.

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