The Nintendo Switch has proven to be groundbreaking on a number of levels, but, as with many consoles, accessibility has continued to be one of the main features on which it can improve. A 2017 console evaluation by The Able Gamers Charity confirmed just this, commenting on the Switch's 'zero accessibility features' at launch. Since then, Nintendo introduced system-level button remapping and the ability to zoom, but there's still much more that could be done, and YouTuber Akaki Kuumeri has created a Joy-Con adaptor to begin moving these problems in the opposite direction.

Kuumeri's design (shown in the video above) works to combat certain dexterity issues some gamers experience as a result of the console's traditional two-handed approach to gaming. Flipping one Joy-Con into an upside-down position, the adaptor lets you play the console's two-handed control system from the button inputs of a single controller.

Beginning with the basic design of the Switch's Comfort Grip, Kuumeri tweaked the standard handle depth to account for one-handed play and added extensions to allow the use of the Joy-Con's button D-pad even when the controller is in an inverted state.

The adaptor allows for full joy-stick manoeuvrability through the movement of the accessory on a surface beneath (the video demonstrates this capability on a table, but the design is also suited to sit on top of your legs). This accounts for both Joy-Con, with the accessory available in both left- and right-handed editions.

No design of this calibre would be complete without a full working demonstration, and Kuumeri's video shows the device in action — beating up Moblins in Breath of the Wild and even besting his opponent in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate — now that's some serious skills on display.

Accessibility issues in gaming aren't solved with a singular solution, but this device appears quite versatile. Kuumeri has made this adaptor — and many for other consoles — available on his Etsy store and it is currently racking up a large number of five-star reviews.

What do you make of this one-handed controller? What else can the Switch do to improve accessibility? Let us know in the comments below!

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