Cursed To Golf
Image: Thunderful Games

Cursed to Golf, from publisher Thunderful Games and developer Chuhai Labs, is out today on the Switch eShop. While our own review is still in progress due to receiving the code only recently, a few other outlets have managed to get their own out, so we decided to compile a little round up!

It's worth noting here that it's unlikely these reviews will be based on the Nintendo Switch version, so there may be some discrepancies here and there when it comes to presentation and performance, but this should at least give you a good idea of what the game is all about.

Video Games Chronicle kicks things off with a perfect score of 5/5 stars, stating that the game is a true "stroke of genius":

"Cursed to Golf is a perfectly tuned game that expertly walks the balance between challenging and compelling. It's a brilliant take on the golf genre and its wonderfully designed stages and strong shooting mechanic make it a dream to play."

GameSpot shares similar sentiments in its 9/10 review, highlighting the simple, tight control scheme and impressive replay value:

"Every aspect of Cursed to Golf comes together to form a truly special and unique game. With its simple hook, brilliantly designed levels, huge suite of dynamic abilities, and a finely balanced roguelike structure, Cursed to Golf is a constant delight. There have been many great games released in 2022 so far, but Cursed to Golf is easily at the top of my list at this moment. It's one of the best golf games ever made, but you don't have to like golf to enjoy the curse of being forced to play it."

Push Square gave the game an 8/10 in its review, praising the satisfying puzzle-like gameplay and charming art, but criticising the repetitive music and lengthy levels:

"The game nails just about everything it sets out to do. The pixelated graphics are vibrant and varied, the writing is witty and macabre, and the music is fantastic – albeit repetitive. All aspects of the title come together harmoniously, creating an unexpectedly fun and funny roguelike with a refreshingly unique premise."

NME reckons you should give the game "a putt" in its 4/5 star review, praising its approachable nature but echoing Push Square's thoughts on the lengthy runs:

"Cursed To Golf is an original take on golf with charming 16-bit characters and environments that also hide a lot of devious shenanigans beneath the surface. It’s also arguably a more accessible gateway into roguelikes, if also resulting in slower and lengthier runs, while also tricking you into playing a deckbuilder with an inventive suite of abilities to take your ball further. Whether you love or hate golf, everyone should give this a putt."

Finally, Polygon has praised the game for its well-crafted gameplay mechanics despite the often punishing difficulty:

"Even with Cursed to Golf’s punishing difficulty, I’ve found myself getting closer and closer to the vaunted 18th hole on each run, with no desire to stop until I’ve reclaimed my mortality. It’s a testament to the craft of developer Chuhai Labs, which was willing to take such risks with such a proven formula that I haven’t stopped even after several punishing deaths. And I won’t stop until I finally remove this dreaded albatross from my neck."

Are you excited to try out Cursed to Golf? Share your thoughts on the game in the comments below!