Nintendo Switch Lite
Image: Nintendo's Switch Lite model (above) / Nintendo Life

Blink, and you might think the device below was a Switch Lite, but no - it's actually Anbernic's new retro handheld, officially titled the RG505.

You've likely seen our previous coverage of the Chinese company's systems here on Nintendo Life, but if you haven't, it has got a bit of a history when it comes to designing gaming devices that look like past and present Nintendo handhelds.

A first look at this new one has reportedly been leaked via an Instagram user, and it's easy to see why it's drawn the comparison.

Unlike a Switch with its own custom OS, this one appears to be running Android, which matches up with Anbernic's previous releases. Adding to this, it's believed to be powered by a Rockchip CPU.

In the video below (featuring a black model unit) you can see the device running the PlayStation 2 title God of War II and even the free-to-play title Genshin Impact.

RetroDodo expects this new model to feature a 5-inch screen, but compared to previous iterations, there's seemingly more bezel - including an Anbernic logo.

As for pricing, it's estimated to be around the equivalent of $199 USD at launch. You can learn about Anbernic's retro line of gaming systems in some of our previous stories:

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