Reddit may be known for a lot of unsavoury things, but it's also a repository for some of the most entertaining stories and peeks into other people's lives, largely in the form of AITA (Am I The Asshole) and relationship advice posts. These usually unfold with the poster detailing some egregiously horrible/hilarious issue that they're having with their partner, in which it is very clear whether they are/are not the asshole, and then everyone shares it on social media, the end.

The Stardew Valley subreddit hasn't had much news to talk about for a while, since developer ConcernedApe is hard at work on Haunted Chocolatier, so instead they're amusing themselves with fake AITA posts... and I keep falling for them. I keep thinking they're real, and that someone is in a horrific relationship involving way too many chickens, alcoholism, and staying up late mining every night. It's usually not until about 2/3 of the way in that I even notice that they're from the Stardew Valley subreddit!

My first playthrough of Stardew Valley, I married Leah — the shy artist with a terrible ex. She's quiet, and largely keeps to herself; the most dramatic thing that happened in our relationship was probably me not choosing to display all her statues. I have limited room in my house, Leah. Some of it has to be reserved for functional furniture.

But my second playthrough, I married Sebastian. He's... well, he's basically a guy in his 20s who still acts like a goth teen. He stays in his locked basement bedroom basically all day, coming out rarely to eat.

Since Stardew Valley's relationships are built up with gifts and talking, this means that wooing Seb usually involves standing right outside his locked door, waiting for him to emerge, every single day, until you've given him enough eggs that he likes you enough to unlock his bedroom door permanently. Then you can barge in whenever you like. If you did that in real life you would be arrested.

Obviously, some of these are more Stardew than others — if there's a reference to "Joja" or "farming" in the first few sentences, I can probably guess they're about a video game and not real life. But the ones that keep it vague, and adopt the tone of a real AITA post? They get me almost every time.

But seriously, AITA for essentially stalking the guy I liked until he agreed to marry me...?

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