POST VOID has finally nabbed a release date. The game is only the second title to be published as part of Super Rare's new publishing label, after Grapple Dog earlier this year.

The DOOM inspiration in this vibrant, gory first-person shooter is about as clear as its love of colour, and much like DOOM, POST VOID is all about being fast and violent to get to the end of the procedurally-generated levels.

"No lives, no retries, no repeats — Rack up your kill count to maintain the health in your idol and whatever you do, do not stop. Slowing down is game over. Find the oasis at the end of each level, pick your random upgrade, and dive back into the chaos. Every run of POST VOID is different thanks to the procedurally generated levels, so truly the only option is to... get good."

POST VOID will be out on the Nintendo eShop, PS4, and PS5 on the 29th September.