Gamescom's Future Games Show might have just revealed the most unexpected genre mashup of the year. God of Rock is a fighting game in which your success in combat is dependent on your ability to keep rhythm with a Guitar Hero-esque music tab at the bottom of the screen.

We have all felt the pressure of losing your groove on Guitar Hero — the crowd start booing and the band struggles to keep up — but God of Rock will up the stakes just a little as you watch your character get punched, kicked, and slapped each time you slip up. We know that mosh pits can get violent, but jeez.

Based on the first-look trailer (found above) it looks like you will be able to choose from a series of characters who look somewhat like rock legends. Elvis has certainly left the building, but his stand-in is here to stay. Ever wondered whether the King of Rock would be able to hold his own against a K-Pop superstar? This is your chance to find out.

For details on what to expect from the game including different move types and game modes, check out the following statement from Modus Games' official PR:

On top of keeping up with the beat, you can attack your opponents with special moves, EX moves, and supers. Your opponent will have to block those attacks or defend against them by achieving a Reversal with their own special moves. Characters can also trigger additional challenges upon opponents, such as speeding up the track, freezing their inputs, or dropping mines mid-song.

Start out in Training mode to practice executing moves to the beat, then jump into the Story mode, following a favourite character to be the last competitor standing, or fly right into local and online matches to go head-to-head against players around the globe!

God of Rock currently is without an official release date, but the game is promising to arrive on Switch 'this winter'. Get ready to turn that Switch volume all the way up to 11.

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