Drinkbox Studios launched its top-down action RPG Nobody Saves the World on the Switch back in April 2022 to critical acclaim. In our own review, we called it a "thrillingly well-paced and enjoyable action adventure that Switch owners won’t want to miss", slapping a solid 9/10 rating at the end for good measure. Indeed, its sharp focus on collecting new character forms adds an incredible amount of gameplay variety throughout, making it an experience that we would whole-heartedly recommend any day.

Now, Drinkbox is looking to carry on the fun with a brand new expansion called 'Frozen Hearth', launching on Switch and other platforms on September 13th. Costing a rather paltry $4.99 / £4.25, the DLC introduces two new character forms: the Killer Bee and the Mechanic, along with a host of unique challenges and, funnily enough, mini-golf.

Ian Campbell, Lead Designer on Nobody Saves the World, had the following to say on the new expansion:

“When we shipped the original game, there were so many ideas we had to leave on the cutting room floor, and this DLC gave us a chance to bring some of them to life. We had a blast creating even more forms, as well as puzzles and challenges that make the most of the game’s mix-and-match customization!”

If you've not yet played the full game (seriously, we really recommend you do), Drinkbox will also be launching a bundle with packages Nobody Saves the World and the Frozen Hearth expansion for $27.99.

Have you played Nobody Saves the World yet? Will you be jumping into the DLC expansion? Let us know with a comment!