Star Wars Hunters
Image: Star Wars, Zynga,

Following on from Zynga's delay of Star Wars Hunters last September, the game upcoming free-to-play multiplayer title has now been delayed again. It was already pushed back to 2022, and now in the latest update, it's been delayed until next year. Yep, it won't be arriving on Nintendo Switch or mobile devices until 2023.

Zynga issued the following statement (below) on social media - stating how it wanted to be able to meet the "high expectations" and provide the "best possible experience", so it's made the tough decision to delay the game:

Star Wars Hunters
Image: Star Wars, Zynga

There has been a soft launch so far, and as noted, the team plans to continue to roll out new content regularly within select soft launch territories. The next update will be within the next few weeks. You can learn more about this upcoming release in our previous post:

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