Image: Monolith Soft

Drumming up excitement for a game release is no easy business, but Nintendo and Monolith Soft have made it their mission to release a small amount of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 info almost every day for at least the past few months

With the game releasing tomorrow, today's teaser can only be assumed to be the final one — and it's the concluding chapter of an interview with the game's lead developers: Tetsuya Takahashi, Koh Kojima and Genki Yokota.

The interview — available on Nintendo's official news site — sees the trio unpack just how large the latest instalment in the Xenoblade series is when compared to those which have come before it. Explaining the growth of the franchise's world, Kojima confesses, "So I actually did the math, and it turns out that the total walkable area in this game is over five times larger than in the second title". Imagine the numbers that Noah and Mio's Fitbits must be pushing!

With a game this size, the interview is also keen to make clear that this does not decrease the accessibility for those who have not played any of the previous franchise instalments. Referring to the new menus and training drill options, Takahashi comments, "In this title, we have put our efforts into developing a system that will help first-timers avoid getting lost". That sounds like there is no excuse not to give Xenoblade Chronicles 3 a go, at least to our ears!

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Though there is one piece of information rounding out the interview that we are even more excited about as Yokota confirms that there are still many more additions to the franchise yet to come. While this release was said to act as a culmination of all that has come before - this is not to suggest that the end is in sight.

Be sure to check out the full interview over on Nintendo's official site to get yourself as excited as possible for tomorrow. With our glowing review awarding the game a full 10/10, we feel like Xenoblade Chronicles 3's release is going to be well worth the publicity campaign.

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