Initially slated for a 21st July release, Wayward Strand has been delayed until later this year, as the team decides to focus on their health and happiness, and avoid crunch.

Here's a quote from Ghost Pattern Games on the delay, posted on their Steam page:

"This delay means we can release Wayward Strand at a level of quality that we're very happy with. Importantly, it also allows us to do it in a less stressful way for the team. Wayward Strand is a game about care, and it would make no sense to make this game without caring for each other. From day one, we’ve been rigorously committed to empathy, openness, and anti-crunch. Game releases are almost always stressful and difficult for the teams behind them, so we're trying to find ways of approaching our release that reduce some of those pressures."

As the devs say in the quote above, Wayward Strand is a game all about caring for the elderly in a flying hospital — you can read our interview with the developers here — so it makes sense that the delay is part of caring for people.

The new release date for Wayward Strand is September 15, 2022.

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