Dark Souls is known for its relentless (but fair) difficulty, but it's also gained significant renown for its sweeping, dense lore and narrative. There are so many interesting nuggets tucked into the game's world, it can be difficult for even the most passionate fans to see and appreciate all of it.

The good news, then, is that there is a stunning book on the way that dives into all of it called 'Abyssal Archive'. Written by Dark Souls scholar 'Lokey' over the course of several years, the book comes in two volumes and boasts incredible detail throughout, with pre-orders set to ship in early 2023.

The set won't come cheap, however; the standard edition alone will set you back €180 / $180. There's also a Limited Edition on offer for €249 / $249 along with a 'Benefactor Edition' for a whopping €495 / $495. You can check out each edition on the website along with details on what each one contains.

Here's some more info from publisher Tune & Fairweather:

Abyssal Archive is the culmination of years of determined research and writing by veteran Souls scholar Lokey, who combined his understanding of Japanese and deep familiarity with Miyazaki’s oeuvre to mine unique insights from Dark Souls’ source material. All of that learning has been distilled in these two hardcover volumes for fans interested in deepening their understanding of Lordran’s tumultuous history as well as its characters’ exploits and tangled relationships.
The set also contains a fold-out companion map of Lordran by artist Judson Cowan. Bound individually and housed alongside the books, this map rounds out the set, making Abyssal Archive the definitive reference for fans of Miyazaki’s gothic masterpiece. Plotted out with the aid of a 3D map viewer to ensure fidelity of both level geometry and scale, this expansive map is the most faithful representation of Lordran ever produced.

Are you a big enough Dark Souls fan to pick this set up? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

[source tuneandfairweather.com, via kotaku.com]