thatgamecompany, the publisher behind Journey, Flower and, more recently, Sky: Children of Light, has announced that it will be collaborating with singer/songwriter AURORA on a project later this year.

While the specifics of the project are as yet unknown, thatgamecompany shared a teaser trailer (found above) which makes the most of Sky: Children of Light's simplistic, bright visuals to suggest potentially that Aurora will have an involvement in either a game expansion or sequel.

With the teaser's mysterious title, 'Season of AURORA', as well as a description that states, "As the storms fade, AURORA brings more light and music to the realms", we sense that our enjoyment of this game is far from over yet.

Perhaps best known for her song 'Runaway' as well as contributions to the Frozen II soundtrack, AURORA appears to be excited about working with the Sky team, which she made clear in the following statement:

I value human connections and being true to one's emotions. My experience with Journey as a player and Sky as an artist showed me we share a similar perspective, and I am thrilled to be a bigger part of the Sky community.

After a stellar mobile release, Sky: Children of Light appeared to be a perfect fit for the Switch. We were very fond of the game in our review last year, which we described (at the time) as "the best experience you can get for free on the Switch to date".

While this accolade may now be a point of discussion with many more free games releasing on the Switch today, news of any further Sky material certainly has us excited.

Developers, thatgamecompany, have said that more information on the upcoming collaboration will be revealed at the Tokyo Game Show in September — so keep your eyes on the skies until then.

What do you think this collaboration could entail? Warm up your singing voices and give us a tune in the comments!