Robo Revenge Squad is coming to Switch on 17th August, bringing with it chaotic co-op robot action in which everything you find can apparently be used as a weapon. Baseball bats (obvs), fridges (natch), disco balls (er, okay) — you name it, you can use it to pummel robo-fools.

Developed by Rikodu, there's a heavy customisation element to these robotic warriors, which enables you personalise the carnage as you head into battle with your 'bot buddies.

Here's some more detailed description from the PR blurb, plus some screenshots below, but we'd recommend checking out the Switch trailer above to get a better idea of the co-op bot-battling gameplay involved.

Your mission: kick metal butts Deploy to the mission area and reach your target. Sounds easy? There are big bad aliens along the way, and their bigger, badder bosses. There are puzzles and special objectives, from cranking carts to demolishing doom towers. And you also have to evacuate! Meet a worthy challenge in mission-based campaigns that end with boss encounters. Arm up and find your playstyle Do you prefer melee or ranged combat? Will you rely on basic attacks or special moves? Are you a defensive player, or a Leeroy Jenkins? Decide and jump straight into the action, solo or with friends. Wreck hundreds of enemies. Deactivate force fields. Set up explosives. Or even go… fishing?! Do everything it takes to liberate the planet. And don’t forget to evacuate once your mission is complete! Unlock tons of parts & cosmetics and Put the style in playstyle! Level up and unlock TONS of new gadgets, from weapons to special devices to cosmetics. Make your Robo yours, and only yours.

The first rule of robot club is: You do not talk about robot club. The second rule of robot club is: You do not talk about—wait, I got that wrong... The second rule is no smoking.

Let us know below if you're down for signing up with the Robo Revenge Squad.