Star Trek 64 DS9
Image: @SpinaSanctuary

A little while ago we covered the incredible work of @SpinaSanctuary and their Zelda 64-inspired, low-poly Star Trek creations. The last batch focused on the crew of the USS Enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation, rendering them in brilliantly blocky 64-bit form with a variety of instruments — Data with his violin, Riker with his trombone, and Picard with his Ressikan flute.

Now the artist has moved onto Deep Space Nine, the darker 'underdog' series in the Star Trek stable that (much like Majora's Mask, in fact) is all the cool kids' favourite these days. That's not a slight — it really is very good! — but it's certainly taken longer for the wider Trek audience to embrace DS9 to its collective bosom with the same gusto TNG enjoyed during its run in the '90s.

As you can see in the tweet below, the first thing the artist took care of was the show's evocative intro, complete with a 64-bit rendition of Dennis McCarthy's main theme. Observe the introduction credits below, including the opening comet, the various graceful sweeps of the station, the appearance of the wormhole, and a swooping USS Defiant accompanying the title card reveal:

Not familiar with the DS9 intro? Er, why are you even here!?...

We kid, we welcome all-comers! Below is the original for your deep space delectation. What's that? You prefer the pacier, flashier Season 4-7 version with the Defiant and more ships? Well, around these parts we like the more contemplative earlier intro, even if SpinaSanctuary's version replaces the runabout with the Defiant. Complaints to the usual address:

SpinaSanctuary has also been working on characters from the show, including the fabulous definitely-not-a-couple-honestly Dr. Julian Bashier and Garak, the station's deliciously devious tailor:

More of a Next Generation fan? Don't worry, SpinaSanctuary's got you covered. Here's a Q for you:

We don't know about you, but the more we see of this project, the more we simply must play the imagined Star Trek 64 in some form. Make it so, please.

Let us know your thoughts on these 'niners below.

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