Super Mario World Poster Art
Image: via Mario Wiki / Nintendo

We celebrate video game anniversaries all the time here at Nintendo Life. Who doesn't like a birthday or anniversary? Now, we all know Super Mario World is going to be 32 years old in November this year (who remembers playing it when it first came out?), but it's already reached another milestone in digits.

Blogger Supper Mario Broth has worked out that this incredible SNES platformer, and console launch title, will have existed in its completed form, out in the public, for one billion seconds. 1,000,000,000 seconds. So if you're also 32 this year, then you'll also be about that old in seconds. Makes us feel very old.

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It's an amusingly high number, and we're kind of amazed someone figured it out. This is all based on the 21st November Japanese release date, and — at the time of writing this — it's 30th July 2022 in Japan. And while we can't pinpoint the exact moment Super Mario World hits the big one billion, it's at some point today at the very least.

Hey, why can't one of the best Super NES platformers of all time have multiple birthdays this year? We don't see why not.

But, that also means that the original F-Zero is also one billion seconds old today. And does that also technically mean the Super Famicom is too? Of course, if you get down to the technicalities, the console and the cartridges definitely existed before they were released to the public, or even shipped to stores, but as a product? These three things are all one billion seconds old. Pretty fun.

We're not sure we have one billion of anything to celebrate. So how's 31 and a half candles, Mario?

Do you know any other unusual anniversaries? Or does remembering seeing Super Mario World around one billion seconds ago caused another year to shed off of your life? Let us know!