NSGP0067 01 NSW EnWired Kirby 9 Hands P
Image: PowerA

PowerA is joining in with the pink puffball's 30th-anniversary celebrations in its own way! The accessory manufacturer has created a brand new wired controller to celebrate Kirby's birthday.

Everything about the controller is peak Kirby; pink buttons, splashes of different shades of pink and blue, a little warp star in the middle — what more could you want? Mappable buttons? 10ft cable? All of the other tricks that a PowerA controller has? It's all there in perfect blue and pink form.

It's not just a controller this time around, either. PowerA is also launching a Switch case to match — one that's suitable for the OLED, classic, and Switch Lite. We can't get enough of the little label inside the case with a puffed-out Kirby inside, so we're going to have to nab one of these for ourselves just for that reason.

We would say more about this lovely little set, but PowerA has us covered when it calls Kirby "cute but dangerous" on its website. We couldn't agree more, and this case and controller make the perfect accessories for the puff's 30th anniversary.

You can grab the controller from the official PowerA website for $27.99, or the case for only $19.99. If you prefer, you can also order them from Amazon:

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Will you be grabbing a brand new Kirby controller? Let us know!